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Gym Design


Gym Design is specialized in creating high quality and luxurious training space. From prestigious residence to a high-end wellness spa centre, we ensure the complete personalisation of the equipment and environment as a turnkey.

The choice of high-quality equipment and design is our specialty. We work with companies world-wide to create a luxurious and unique space.

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Clinic Elie, Mtl




Creating the desired concept and atmosphere



Material and design finishes and the best equipment for the concept, space, and budget.



implementation throughout the process, coordination of the construction site, deliveries, and facilities



Upholding high health standards through our shared services as well as the maintenance and proper functioning of equipment

You are the architect


The close collaboration with interior designers, architects and project managers ensures the creation of a quality gym space for your project.

. As needed, we design the 2D and 3D plan with precise specifications for the equipment. We also consider the surface requirements according to the constraints, construction, and electricity. The custom design of a variety of equipment will add a unique touch to the space while respecting your vision of the project.


Materials, equipment and inspiration

Studio Epix, Mtl

Planning your
luxurious wellness area

Gym Design is the only company in Canada that offers a turnkey service for luxurious training spaces. High-end condos, hotels, luxury residential area, yachts, Spa & wellness center, Executive office / CEO advisor.